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About Bev

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From her home studio overlooking Elk Meadow in Evergreen Colorado, Bev Endsley creates fine art oil paintings and sketches inspired by world travels and her lifelong affection for all animals, both wild and domestic.

The heavy apron she wears while painting is splattered with paint from countless works of art; deep blacks from penguins in the Antarctic, rusty browns from red foxes, soft yellows from Labrador retrievers, delicate blues that highlighted cool wet noses, delicate greens from gardens where bunnies romp and play, and the many hues of grays, whites, and pinks from skies and backgrounds.


Although she studied under famous masters such as Quang Ho, David Leffel, Mark Nelson, Kevin Weckbach, and Sherri Mcgraw, her style of impressionism is uniquely her own in her oil paintings, watercolors, and sketches.

“I begin each painting with a simplification of shapes into light and shadow. The light leads the viewer into and around the piece while the shadows invite them to add their own thoughts and feelings. This dialogue with the viewer is also encouraged by my impressionistic style that lends a mystique and sense of immediacy—what was that pup doing when I caught a glimpse of him?

“My love of animals and my desire to create art that resonates with the viewer, is the driving force in my work. My goal is to capture that special glint in my subject’s eyes, the texture of their coat, the softness of their nose; all parts of celebrating each animal’s spirit. If an animal has ever touched your heart, you know that each one, every dog, cat, horse, or rabbit has its own unique personality.”

- Bev Endsley

Bev’s work may be seen at Arts of Denver Gallery. Please check my Events page for additional showings.


In addition to gallery showings, Bev donates her work annually to support the conservation efforts of the South Georgia Heritage Trust, an organization dedicated to preserving wildlife in the Antarctic.


Member Organizations

American Impressionist Society

Oil Painters of America

American Women Artists

Women Artists of the West - Associate Member

Center for the Arts - Evergreen

Board of Directors 2006-2012

Evergreen Animal Protective League

Evergreen, Co

House Rabbit Society

Out in the Cold
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